Susanne Hergenhahn is one of those creative designers who followed an unusual path. Born in 1969 in Munich she moved to Frankfurt with her parents. In 1987 after graduating from the University in Frankfurt and successfully finishing her theatre training, she decided to study pattern- making and dress-making, which she finished in 1990. Immediately after learning the theoretical side of making clothes she moved to Madrid where she was accepted for an internship for ‘Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’. After this experience she studied at the ‘Escola d’Arts i Tecnicas de la Moda’ in Barcelona. In 1992 she led the production of the brand ‘Drogo and Horvath’ in Barcelona for 2 years. She started her own collection ‘hergenhahn knitwear’ in 1994. In 1998 she decided to design the second line ‘Jocomomola’ of ‘Sybilla’ for the japanese market on a freelance basis. In the same period she also designed the knitwear collection for ‘Antonio Miro’ and in 2005 for the firm ‘Lydia Delgado’.

Collections and Collaborations          1994 – present  Hergenhahn knitwear Mens- and womenswear prêt-à-porter collections           2023 – 2014  Teaches knitwear design at the University LCI Barcelona           2013 – 2008  Taught Final Project of Fashion at the Escuela Superior de Diseño Felicidad Duce, Barcelona           2007  Taught knitwear design at the Escuela Superior de Diseño Bau, Barcelona           2005  Lydia Delgado, Womens knitwear collection S/S 2006           2005 – 1998  Jocomomola, Womens knitwear collection, Madrid           1998  Antonio Miro, Womens knitwear collection, A W 1999/2000, Barcelona           1996  Costume Design for the film Puro Veneno of Javier Perpiña with Nacho Duato, Montse Mostaza y Santiago Lajusticia           1994 – 1992  Production manager for the company Drogo y Horvath           1998  Costume Design for a Masterpiece by Paul Lynch, Frankfurt           1987 – 1985  Marjetta, Frankfurt, Creating and producing of fabrics

Selected Projects and Publications           2018  ’25 The Exhibition’ by Hergenhahn in Art Gallery H2o, Barcelona         2015 – 1996  Participation and Exhibition at Fashion Fairs : ‘Bread & Butter’, Berlin and Barcelona – ‘Workshop’, Paris – ‘Nouveau Sehm’,Paris – ‘Gaudi’, Barcelona – Stilblueten, Frankfurt – ‘Fashionlounge’, Zuerich           2008  Terminal B – Barcelona creative Database, VOL.2., FAD, ISBN – 13 : 978 – 84 – 612 – 2913 – 0           2005  ‘Forever punto’ Exhibition in H2o Art Gallery, Barcelona           2004  ‘Otro punto de vista’ Exhibition in H2o Art Gallery, Barcelona           2002  ‘Rojo’ Fashionshow in Convent St. Augusti, Barcelona           2001 Performance ‘El Paseo’ – 13 situacions in the Park Baduat Three guide, actors, shows the park to the visitors ; Circuit, Barcelona           2000  Fashion Show with life music from ‘Fang’, Art School Llotja, Barcelona           2000  Video ‘Class’ in Circuit, Barcelona           2000  Art Installation ‘En Cubos’ in the Vincon Gallery, Barcelona and Madrid           1999  Action, Installation ‘Windows’ 4 windows, 4 ambience as a playground for the actors in Vincon, Barcelona           1999  Exhibition and Book, ‘Women made’ Dissenyadores a Catalunya i Balears, Casa Balaguer, Palma de Mallorca           1999  Presentation and Fashionshow in ‘Hotel Peninsular’, Barcelona           1998  Video called ’24 personas 12 horas’, Super 8, Museum of History, Barcelona           1998  First Solo Fashion Show’Schilling’, Barcelona         1996 – 1997  Participation in the collective Fashion Show ‘Gaudi’, Barcelona